Sunday, August 7, 2011

Providence Rock N' Roll Half Marathon

What a tough race this was! It literally poured the whole time we were running. The start was late as we stood in our corrals packed in like sardines, in the pouring rain, anxious to get started.

Being that this was a Rock N' Roll race, with bands along the course, I opted to not bring my music with me. HUGE mistake! The bands were supposed to be at every mile marker, but you only hear about 10 seconds of music as you run by, leaving you listening to the panting and puffing of the runners next to you, or the guy behind you hacking up a lung, or the annoying girl who whined about her boyfriend the whole 13.1 miles.

Not to mention the fact that due to the constant rain, less than half of the bands were actually out and playing. Reminder for future races, ALWAYS bring music.

Other than the lack of music and the torrential downpour for 13 miles, it was a very well organized race and fun course, even if it was a bit hilly. The biggest hill we had to climb was the run leading up to the finish line. GEEEEZZZZ!!! Talk about a challenge.

It's over though, and we are glad we did it. Today also marks the beginning of training for our first FULL Marathon, the Marine Corp Marathon in DC on October 30!

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  1. Sounds like a learning experience if nothing else. I never run with music any more, but I can imagine how disappointing it would be if you were expecting more.

    Glad you were able to finish even with all the problems!