Friday, July 29, 2011

Chakras and Pendulum

So I recently bought a Chakra Pendulum, the idea being that by using the pendulum you would be able to tell which Chakras were out of alignment or had blockages.

Chakras are basically wheels of energy in key points of the body. There are seven major Chakras and each has a pinpointed area in the body, and is responsible for certain organs and areas of our lives.

When a Chakra is fully opened and spinning correctly, it will spin clockwise in a huge circle. So by placing the pendulum over the Chakras, you pay attention to how it spins as well. If the pendulum spins all out of line, or in multiple directions, then that Chakra has a blockage.

I know exactly what Chakra I have blockages in, and have always seemed to have a blockage there. So today, when I used the pendulum it was the only one that didn't spin correctly. Duh!

So my blockage is in the Throat Chakra, which as you would guess it rules our speech, communication etc. The color of the Throat Chakra is blue, which also happens to be my favorite color and I wear a lot of blue. I must be drawn to that color because I know subconsciously that I need help in the communication area of my life.

I do tend to not speak my mind, for fear of irritating others, or turning people off. I'm basically a "Yes" man. I don't voice my opinion, say "Yes" to every demand on me, and basically just go with the flow. Hence, the blockage in my Throat Chakra. Until I learn to say what I'm thinking, speak up/out, and stand up for my own opinions and thoughts, I will probably always have this blockage.

Something I need to work on clearly. So how do we work on the Throat Chakra? Wearing the color blue as I mentioned already is a good way to start. Also, singing and chanting is a good way to use the voice and start to clear the blockages. I often chant mantras when meditating.

Blue gemstones is a great way to help clear the Throat Chakra as well. I have a piece of Angelite that I carry around with sometimes, or even just place on my Throat Chakra when doing a Chakra mediation. Lapis lazuli, blue topaz, turquoise and other blue gemstones will also do the trick. You can even wear a necklace settled at the throat with one of these stones to really help. I'm actually going to try to find a necklace with Angelite today!!

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  1. I have just the opposite problem - I have no trouble speaking my mind and it can certainly get me in trouble :)!