Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goofy Challenge Training

So RunDisney, who helps to organize the Disney Races, just sent out a training plan for those doing the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge. Technically, this week starts our training for that; but as we are already in training mode for the Providence Rock N Roll Half Marathon at the beginning of August, we are already half way through that training plan.

The exact day of the RnR Half, will be the day we start our training for the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, DC. This will also be when we start our fundraising for the MCM, with the donations we receive going to Make A Wish Foundation. More on all of that in time!

We then plan on continuing our Marathon training and doing a few back to back long distance runs on the weekends from the time after the MCM (October) until the day of the Goofy Challenge (January), which will begin to coincide with the plan they sent out to the participants. The plan is a Jeff Galloway training plan, and I've heard good feedback on those who have used it.

But it's really and truly here now, no more putting it off. No more short 4-5 mile runs, it's really time to start focusing on increasing our long runs on the weekend!

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  1. Don't give up short runs - your body needs a break from long runs, you can use them to work on speed, etc...Of course the long run is your most important tool for marathon training and especially the Goofy Challenge.

    If you ride a bike or do spin a nice long ride or an intense spin class, then the next day do a long run. This will help you learn to run on tired legs while reducing the pounding.

    I like the Galloway plan - it's got a good balance :)!