Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Celtic 5K

Sunday we ran our first race of the year, the Celtic 5K in Worcester. It was a very cold morning that I was not expecting, even with all of my layers (tights and shorts, and three long sleeve shirts) I was freezing. At least until we started running. I ran with some of the girls from work and we had lunch afterwards, and had a blast!!

The race was along the parade route, so there was already people lined up that cheered us on as we ran the out and back 3.1 miles. It was a beautiful and fun day! I wanted to beat my previous 5K times and get under 30 minutes which I managed to do with a 29:34 time!! I'm still a slow runner, but for me it is more about the excitement of running, finishing the race distance, enjoying the fellow runners and the course, and just improving on my previous times! Which I did on all accounts!

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