Thursday, March 17, 2011

Calm in the Eye of the Storm

 My favorite instructor taught me a valuable lesson in class the other day (Monday). After a weekend that was extremely stressful, it was exactly what I needed. After choosing to back out of a house that we had put in an offer because of things that came up in the inspection and not being sure what to do going forward, and a horrible incident that hit very close to home, and the tradgedy of the Japan Hurricane and Tsunami, I was feeling very fragile and overwhelmed.

She reminded us that in the middle of every storm, there is the eye of the storm, that spot of stillness and calm. That the key to surviving any stressful situation is to focus on the calmness, even while the chaos whips around you like hurricane winds.

And this can be true of everything from holding a difficult asana to dealing with stressful events off of the yoga mat. When you are in a difficult asana and every inch of your body seems to be trembling, you have to drop into the eye of the storm, find the calmness in the center of your being, that stillness, and with a deep breath you will find peace.

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