Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anusara Yoga

 I am feeling totally blissed out after my second Anusara class today. There is just something deeply relaxing about being so connected to the breath and the movement that you don't get in other classes like Power Flows or Bikram, where it's about powering through the poses just to feel the burn like any other workout.

Don't get me wrong, I mean Yoga is a great workout, and sometimes (like in the case of Bikram) I do want to power through poses. I remember when I found Yoga again recently I told my husband that I wasn't going to get all spiritual and new agey on him. But there is definitely something to be said about feeling the spiritual connection like you do in Anusara, like you are connecting to something that is bigger than me or you.

 Anusara means "flowing with grace" and was founded by John Friend in 1997 making it a relatively new style of Yoga. The idea behind the style is rooted in traditional Hatha Yoga, but is more aligned with celebrating the heart and the beauty that is within us all.

Classes begin with a centering of your mind and body, and a slow chant and the class ends in a quiet mediation. It is with a deep intention that while practicing Anusara that you align yourself with the Divine, and with your own body. I left more relaxed, more patient, and more aware of the beautiful world we live in.

Flow with GRACE!!

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